We are a couple of days away from EuPEO´s third project meeting in Ljubljana (25th - 28th September).

The host organization is the Faculty Sport (University of Ljubljana). The EuPEO partner from Slovenia, with support of EuPEO coordination, is preparing the hosting conditions and its logistics for this 3rd meeting.

It is organized in a four days’ workshop for the preparation of the different partners to pilot the EuPEO Manual of External Assessment (MEA) and EuPEO Toolkit for Internal Monitoring (TIM) in each country. After the construction of the EuPEO MEA and EuPEO TIM, is critical for partners to meet and discuss possible challenges to pilot these outputs in order to test and validate them. The outputs will be piloted in most of the EuPEO countries, which means that this meeting will serve to define the strategies to maximize the capacity of each partner to successfully pilot the outputs.

"Quality criteria and outcome standards for Physical Education and School Sport" is the theme of the 4th CEREPS Meeting, a Conseil Européen des Recherches en Education Physique et Sportive's initiative, which is having place from 30 June to 3 July at the Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. CEREPS is a European wide non-profit research network that is concerned with the development and cooperation of joint projects in the field of school and club sport for children and adolescents in the EU.

EuPEO coordination and UNESCO headquarters will discuss the Potential of current Quality Physical Education Transnational Monitoring Systems and propose opportunities for cooperation between the future European Physical Education Observatory and the UNESCO project on Quality Physical Education. At this point, the discussing will be about the possibilities of dissemination to other continents/regions around the world.

Hungarian School Sport Federation (HSSF) is the main civil organization in the field of youth sport and education in Hungary.

The Federation, founded in 1987, went through a major transformation in 2012, extending its mission beyond school sport: HSSF decided to support teachers to implement quality physical education, and to promote health-conscious, future-oriented lifestyle through regular physical education and fitness assessment.

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