EuPEO project partners already finished the data collection on indicators of quality Physical Education, School Sport and School-based Physical Activity for validation of European Country Questionnaire (ECQ), European School Questionnaire (ESQ) and the Nacional External Learning Assessment System (NELAS) in Physical Education.
All Nacional Reports are complete and now is time to reflect on and improve all these questionnaires as well collect relevant information to build the EuPEO Pupil’s Questionnaire (EPQ) proposal. The end of the EuPEO´s project 1st phase is coming !!

The conference explores how physical education can thrive under demanding circumstances associated with the needing of connecting PE learners' experiences with wider societal objectives, as increasing physical activity, enhancing health and wellbeing and bolstering sporting achievement.

On this basis, the Association Internationale des Écoles Supérieures d’Éducation Physique (AIESEP) World Conference in Edinburgh 2018 invites scholars to reflect on the part physical education can play in reshaping education futures.

"Monitoring Quality Physical Education and Physical Activity in School Settings: Realities and Perspectives" was the theme of the 3rd CEREPS Meeting, a Conseil Européen des Recherches en Education Physique et Sportive's initiative, which took place from 28 to 29 June at the Faculty of Human Kinetics - University of Lisbon. CEREPS is a European wide non-profit research network that is concerned with the development and cooperation of joint projects in the field of school and club sport for children and adolescents in the EU.

The EUPEA Board Meeting took place in Florence, Italy from the 22-25 of February 2018. Many topics were discussed for example Advocacy: (a) how to improve communications between EUPEA members, (b) co-operation with other European Associations, (c) participation in Erasmus+ Projects, (e) further research and future publications and meetings. EuPEO Project was presented by Bruno Cremonesi from EUPEA, in the Seminar “Erasmus+ Projects in Physical Education”, organized by Italian PE Teacher Association CAPDI & LSM.

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