Between 16th and 19th November, the HIPE 2020 was run together with CEREPS, the European Council of Research in Physical Education and Physical Activity, for the first time in the life of the conference. 

At CEREPS+ Summit 2020, held on day 1 of the conference (17th November), the CEREPS members discussed the question "What does mean "Quality Physical Education" and how should it look like?".  Marcos Onofre, EuPEO coordinator,  presented a communication entitled " PhysicalPhysicalEducation Quality: the European Physical Education Association (EUPEA) experience on the construction of the European Physical Education Observatory (EuPEO)". 


Claude Scheuer, president of the European Physical Education Association (EUPEA), presented the mission and the work of the European Physical Education Association (EUPEA) at the University of Luxembourg, Basel, 11st December 2019. 

The EuPEO Project development process was presented by the EUPEA president. 

The 30th FIEP World, 14th FIEP European and 2nd FIEP Catalan Congress occur between 27th and 29th June 2019. It focused on social transformations through Physical Activity, Sports, Physical Education, and Scenic Arts. The lines of participation were: 

  •  - Health cities;
  •  - Quality Physical Education (QPE);
  •  - Educational competition;
  •  - Inclusion, gender, cooperation, and solidarity;
  •  - Sciences and technology for social transformation;
  •  - Motricity and wellbeing;
  •  - Experiences of educational innovation in Physical Activity and performing arts. 

Jana Vasicova, EuPEO partner from the Czech Republic, and Pavel Hap presented a communication on "Teacher´s perspectives of quality physical education in the Czech Republic - partial results from EuPEO Project".   

Claude Scheuer, President of the European Physical Education Association, presented a communication entitled "Monitoring the Quality of Physical Education: EuPEO, an ongoing Erasmus+ funded project from the European Physical Education Association". 

At the Portuguese National PE Congress, the EuPEO Project was present by the hands of the EuPEO Portuguese Team (FMH/SPEF). The 11th Portuguese National Congress of Physical Education (CNEF) will be held from October 31st to November 2nd, 2019, at the Figueira da Foz Center for Arts, with the theme – Assess to Improve - in Physical Education, Sports Training and Exercise and Health. The Portuguese National Congress, which is certainly a highlight of Portuguese PE Teacher's professional statement, is jointly organized by the Portuguese Society of Physical Education (SPEF) and the National Council of Associations of Physical Education and Sports Professionals (CNAPEF).

The 11th CNEF focused on how can we structure the assessment process to improve our action in the areas of Physical Education, Sports Training and Exercise and Health? As in previous editions, the congress features conferences, panel discussions, communications and workshops with experts in each area.

EuPEO Portuguese Team presented one Poster "EuPEO Pupils Questionnaire (EPQ) pilot application: preliminary data on curricular flexibility in physical education", and one communication entitled "Possibilities for the development of school Physical Education through the Toolkit for Internal Monitoring - Project European Observatory of Physical Education (EuPEO)".

At the last Symposium of the Congress 2nd day, on the theme: "Monitoring of Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity”, Marcos Onofre from the Faculty of Human Motricity of the University of Lisbon, presented the EuPEO - European Physical Education Observatory Project.

The Association Internationale des Écoles Supérieures d’Éducation Physique (AIESEP) World Conference in Edinburgh 2018 invited scholars to reflect on the part physical education can play in reshaping education futures. The EuPEO Project was presented at Edinburg´s 2018 World Conference.

EuPEO Presentations EuPEO Presentations{/gallery}The Hungarian School Sport Federation (HSSF) is the main civil organization in the field of youth sport and education in Hungary.

The Federation, founded in 1987, went through a major transformation in 2012, extending its mission beyond school sport: HSSF decided to support teachers to implement quality physical education, and to promote health-conscious, future-oriented lifestyle through regular physical education and fitness assessment.

Today, HSSF´s mission consists of increase the number of children who are actively involved in physical activity programmes and promote the concept of health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA) and grassroots sport.

EuPEO project was presented by Claude Scheuer, President of EUPEA, at the third edition of HSSF´s biannual international conference on quality physical educa­tion (HIPE).

"Quality criteria and outcome standards for Physical Education and School Sport" is the theme of the 4th CEREPS Meeting, a Conseil Européen des Recherches en Education Physique et Sportive's initiative, which is having place from 30th June to 3rd July at the Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. CEREPS is a European wide non-profit research network that is concerned with the development and cooperation of joint projects in the field of school and club sport for children and adolescents in the EU.

 The meeting, which brought together European researchers and academics in the area of physical education and sport, is organised on the form of oral communications and workshops focused on the assessment of systems and procedures for collecting and analyzing information on the development of physical education and school sport.

One of the themes highlighted is the EuPEO project - European Physical Education Observatory. EuPEO coordination will reflect on quality criteria for Physical Education and School Sport within the work developed in the last two years by the EuPEO collaborative partnership. 

EuPEO coordination and UNESCO headquarters discussed the Potential of current Quality Physical Education Transnational Monitoring Systems and propose opportunities for cooperation between the future European Physical Education Observatory and the UNESCO project on Quality Physical Education. Also the possibility of dissemination to other continents/regions around the world was discussed.

EuPEO project partners from Germany, Stefanie Dahl, and Roland Naul presented the EuPEO project in two different events! 

The first talk took place during a workshop on the 07.05.2019 about “Values of PE in Europe - Values for Europe?” during the European week 2019. The workshop was attended by colleagues and students, but also by representatives of the district government or the Centre for Teacher Training.

The second event was attended by current and former colleagues from research and politics as well as some members of EuPEO consortium.

You can download the EuPEO presentation of the second event by clicking the link below.

Reflection on quality Physical Education and other forms of School Physical Activity in Europe "Monitoring Quality Physical Education and Physical Activity in School Settings: Realities and Perspectives" was the theme of the 3rd CEREPS Meeting (28th - 29th June, Lisbon). One of the themes highlighted was the EuPEO project.

You can download the EuPEO presentation by clicking the link below. 

The EUPEA Board Meeting took place in Florence, Italy from the 22-25 of February 2018. Many topics were discussed for example Advocacy: (a) how to improve communications between EUPEA members, (b) co-operation with other European Associations, (c) participation in Erasmus+ Projects, (e) further research and future publications and meetings.

EuPEO Project was presented by Bruno Cremonesi from EUPEA, in the Seminar “Erasmus+ Projects in Physical Education”, organised  by Italian PE Teacher Association CAPDI & LSM.