The EuPEO´s second transnational project meeting occurred in Paris (22st -24th March) and was successfully concluded.  
The host organization was the Syndicat National de l’Education Physique (SNEP). It was organized in a three days’ workshop to evaluate the 1st part of the project and prepare the 2nd part, namely the EuPEO Manual External Assessment (MEA) and the development of the Toolkit for Internal Monitoring (TIM). 


At March 21st, EuPEO country members and UNESCO headquarters discussed the Potential of current Quality Physical Education Transnational Monitoring Systems and proposed opportunities for cooperation between the future European Physical Education Observatory and the UNESCO project on Quality Physical Education. This was one more step to promote the Quality of with Relevant UN Action Plans, the Kazan Action Plan, the UN Action Plan on Sport for Development and Peace 2018-2020 and the Global Action Plan on Physical Activity (GAPPA).

See EuPEO project presentation below. 

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The kick-off meeting of Erasmus+ Sport Projects, accept in late 2017, took place in EACEA Sport Unit, Brussels, in 31st January 2018. At Brussels meeting, Project Coordinators from all 2017 Erasmus+ projects were clarified about the latest policy developments in Erasmus + Sport Programme; administrative issues and project management; dissemination, exploitation of results and contractual obligations; and financial aspects.

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In January, the EuPEO was launched at the Faculty of Human Kinetics, University of Lisbon, aiming to build a system for monitoring the development conditions of Physical Education, School Sport and other forms of promotion of Physical Activity from school in the european region.