• Rationale


    The role of physical education has been highlighted as the only curriculum subject whose focus combines the body and physical competence with values-based learning and communication, provides a learning gateway to grow the skills required for success in the 21st Century, as citizenship promotion, health promotion through a lifelong participation in physical activity, social inclusion through the challenging of stigma and stereotypes, and academic achievement by improve a child’s attention span, enhance their cognitive control and speed up their cognitive processing (UNESCO, 2015).

    European policies and legislation [e.g. “Council Recommendation on promoting HEPA across sectors”, “Council of Europe, Interinstitutional file 2013/0291 (NLE)”] , research (e.g. Hardman 2000, 2001, 2003; Puhse & Greber, 2003, Onofre et al., 2012) and high-profile reports (e.g. OCDE Education at a Glance, Eurydice, UNESCO) in the field of sport and education identified the necessity of regular monitoring of PE, SS and PE teacher training, across the 28 EC member states. In order to harmonize the conditions of its educational offer for the promotion of an active and healthy citizenship, evidenced-based is need to design and to develop a manual and a toolkit to monitor, with an extended frame of indicators, the quality assurance of PE and HEPA in curricular and in extra-curricular time at school, especially considering the need for inclusion of critical populations.

  • Erasmus+ Project - European Physical Education Observatory

    To build this monitoring solution based on the collaborative work between the professional and scientific institutions, 12 partners developed the EuPEO project proposal. This partnership covers eight countries, including PE teachers associations and universities or research centers, including 22 researchers.

    The EuPEO project aims to convert former monitoring and evaluation experiences of PE, HEPA, Public health and education sector into a comprehensive but applicable monitoring system by developing the EuPEO webpage, a manual for external monitoring (MEA) and a toolkit to prepare and provide internal self-monitoring (TIM) of quality PE and SS. During a three years study, the partners will be involved on the construction and validation of these instruments, as well the dissemination and exploitation of results.

    MEA will be developed as an open access methodological e-book to be integrated in the platform supported by the EuPEO webpage to guide the data collection process to feed the observatory database. Moreover, the MEA will be important to the advocacy and to capacitating Europe to monitoring the HEPA recommendations. TIM will capacitate schools to monitor HEPA recommendations directly.

    Eight national multiplier sport events will disseminate this platform in each partner country, and one European multiplier sport event (EUPEA 2020 Forum) to discuss the platform with other potential international institutions to become part of the project. By this, each country will be able to decentralize the control of the HEPA conditions. Furthermore, each country will be able to identify good examples, disseminate them and motivate other schools implement similar conditions.

    Erasmus+ Project - European Physical Education Observatory

Project period

1st January 2018 - 31st December 2020

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383,893 €